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Petty Curse Books is the personal imprint of Artist and writer Paul Madonna.

Here you'll find unique works, such as illustrated novels and artist books, in both print and epub editions.

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Petty Curse Books does not accept submissions for publication.



Close Enough for the Angels
by Paul Madonna

What does it mean to have a life guided by luck?

Emit Hopper was a one-hit wonder—twice. Now, twenty years after faking his death, he is thrust back into the limelight. Despite all attempts to keep the past from repeating, when his wife disappears, his life is once again thrown into chaos.

A mystery, a love story, and a metaphor, this full-length, plot-driven novel includes over 100 drawings from Thailand, China, and Japan, demonstrating a new method of pairing images and stories. For more, visit

• Commercial print edition AVAILABLE SEPTEMBER 2017
• Limited edition available HERE


      Epubs are set in fixed layout format, to be viewed in iBooks on all iPads.

Imperfection and the Judgment Machine
by Paul Madonna

A collection of daily drawings in pursuit of rekindling the creative process.

Includes an afterword by the author.

Released 09 12 16

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The Beard Years
by Paul Madonna

The second installment of Paul Madonna's Album series.
A collection of sketchbook work from 2001-2015.

Includes an introduction by the author.

Released 08 28 15

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