Emit Hopper Mystery Series

The Emit Hopper Mystery Series is fun, plot-driven, character-rich noir fiction with an unusual detective: Emit Hopper, a former rock star turned author and artist.

There are currently two books. Both full-length novels, beautifully illustrated.

The first book, Close Enough for the Angels, follows Emit along his outrageous rise to fame, his fall, then his rise again, only to then have his life broadsided when his wife disappears while hiking, her ex-boyfriend suspected of murdering her. The book has over one hundred lush pen and ink drawings

The second book, Come to Light, picks up with Emit six years later when the remains of two of Julia's hiking companions are discovered buried in the wilderness. Emit sets out across Europe in search of the man he believes is responsible, sketchbook in hand. In short time he finds himself in all kinds of trouble: he becomes a target of a State Department investigation, gets entangled in an international ring of art thefts, and discovers his own artwork stolen. He meets an exuberant French nobleman, a murderous five-year-old, and a bohemian Roman heiress. And that's just volume 1! Come to Light is presented as a gorgeous 3 volume box set from West Margin Press.


Spirits of The City

Written by Gary Kamiya (author of the best-selling book Cool Gray City of Love, and co-founder of and drawn by award-winning artist Paul Madonna, Spirits of The City combines insightful and whimsical histories of San Francisco with Paul's lush pen and ink drawings.

Find this fabulous series monthly in the Nob Hill Gazette.

AND in the book collection from Bloomsbury, Spirits of San Francisco


All Over Coffee

All Over Coffee is Paul Madonna's award-winning and groundbreaking series. Launched in 2003, All Over Coffee ran for over 750 pieces in the San Francisco Cheronicle between 2004 - 2015.

Two book collections and one novella from the series are available from the legendary City Lights Books.


Small Potatoes

Small Potatoes first ran on April 1st, 2004 in the San Francisco Chronicle as an April Fool’s response to the intense public reaction to All Over Coffee. Drawn in a lively cartoon style, it featured two characters sitting at a cafe talking about how “No one wanted art in their newspaper.” Two years later Paul picked up the idea again to create an official series.

Small Potatoes ran for over two hundred strips on, and new strips can now be found syndicated at




Anchor Steam Beer Label

Anchor Steam Brewery commissioned a limited-edition look for their classic Anchor Steam Beer for the entire summer of 2019, a special look that pays homage to the city’s artistic heritage drawn by Paul Madonna.

The drawing for the label was drawn from Cavallo Point, north side of the Golden Gate Bridge. See a full version of the image and get a copy of the limited edition print here.


Goorin Brothers Hats

Iconic hat makers Goorin Brothers teamed up with Paul Madonna to do a line of hats that Paul himself (a dedicated hat lover) would want to wear.

Paul chose his favorite Goorin styles, then hand-picked the fabrics, stitching, and bands, to create four separate hats: a summer and winter cap, and summer and winter fedora. Each hat was lined with one of Paul's classic San Francisco drawings.



Tacolicious has four locations in the Bay Area and one in Manhattan Beach, and Paul Madonna has done the art for all of them.

Shown here are two murals, a 14 x 40 foot installation featuring Dolores Park at the Valencia Strret shop in San Francisco, and a 14 x 40 foot installation featuring the Mexican town Atotonilco at the Palo Alto location.

Other locations have large original drawings as well as multiple series of prints made specifically for tacolicious.



Paul Madonna created two original murals for Starbucks.

Shown here is the 5 x 65 foot installation featured in their West Portal, San Francisco location, along with a detail from the mural.



Paul Madonna created an original mural for the cafe in the Google Venture building in Mountain View.

Image was drawn from Joshua Tree National Park, California.


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