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All Over Coffee
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 Category: Book
 Current Version: 1.0
 Size: 18.4 MB
 Language: English
  2011 Paul Madonna
An interactive version of select All Over Coffee pieces from the new book Everything is its own reward by Paul Madonna

Programmed by Sofi Software


While I believe that electronic books are the wave of the future, I also believe books made of paper will continue to exist for a long time. Content will dictate in what medium a book best belongs; while some books may never need see ink on paper, others may never be wholly served electronically.

When City Lights and I made both the first and second volumes of All Over Coffee, we set out to make high-quality objects, believing that the future of the printed book lies in creating beautiful objects people want to own. I feel that All Over Coffee is best served in print because print best resembles the original drawings, however, the creative potential of the internet and digital media is immeasurable, so I created this abridged app version of the new book to explore that range of possibilities.

With this project, I was able to make my All Over Coffee strips interactive in ways that print could never allow, and in turn, discovered new potential for this series. I found that the printed volume and the electronic version are such decidedly different mediums, that when asking which best serves the content, the answer is not necessarily either/or. When the unique capabilities of each medium are fully explored, neither excludes the other.

Because the age of apps and digital books is still relatively young, I have chosen to give this electronic version away for free in hope that it will attract new readers to my work. So if you have enjoyed this digital rendition of Everything is its own reward, please purchase the printed book to possess the complete body of this work.